Monday, June 12, 2006

The Boy is Four

Tonight is the last night that I will snuggle my 3 year old son before bedtime. Tonight is the last night that I will read stories to my 3 year old boy. Tonight is the last time I will kiss my 3 year old goodnight and tell him I love him. Because tomorrow morning he will be 4*.

It's been an amazing year for Blaine. He spent 4 months in the US with me, he became a big brother, he finally gave up diapers, and he started school. So much growing up and so many changes in one year. And he has handled it all amazingly well. He constantly surprises me with his adaptability and his compassion. He is a very mature kid most of the time. Then there are the times when he makes me (as he says) "crazy crazy crazy". I tell him that no matter what, even if he does make me "crazy crazy crazy" that I love him to pieces. And he answers, with a knowing look in his eye and his best Austin Powers voice "yeah baby yeah".

We waited a long time to have children. We waited a long time to have Blaine. He was worth every minute of the wait. I can't wait to see what the next year brings for him and for us. He makes every day an adventure and I can't imagine a better way to see the world than through a child's eyes.

Happy birthday Blaine. I love you.

*Blaine agrees that he is going to be 4 tomorrow. But, according to Blaine, his alter-ego, known as "Super Hero Blaine", is going to be 5. I'm only throwing one birthday party however. Super Hero Blaine will have to have his imaginary friends throw him a party.


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