Tuesday, June 27, 2006

And so it's summer

And Blaine is out of school for one week. Just one. Then he goes to summer camp for the month of July at the same place he regularly goes to school. Then he will be out of school for all of August.

And in just two days of him being out of school this week, I have seen what August will be like, and it terrifies me. Seriously, this child is so busy and inquisitive and exhausting. God, I love him, but he is at warp speed for 12 hours each day. In the past two days, he has gone from chanting "mom, mom, mom, mom, mom" to throwing in an occasional "Jennifer" if he doesn't think I am responding quickly enough to his 8 millionth request to play Candyland or Dora or Thomas Tank or any one of the hundred games, puzzles and activities we have here for him.

Yesterday was Day 1 of his being home rather than in school. It was, for me, an exhausting day, but I'm also dealing with a bout of stomach flu that is wearing me down. Today I feel better, but now Blaine is wearing me down. So far today we have played outside on the swings, played outside with his remote control truck, filled the pool and played in the water for close to 2 hours, played the new Dora game, played Candyland and made thank you cards for everyone who came to his birthday party (which we are quite proud of, full of stickers, stamps and Blaine's handwritten Thank You - probably not quite up to some crafty card making standards, but we like them).

Now I only have a few more days to fill with activities that keep him away from the TV and the computer before I get to stick him back in school for another month. And I will need that month to plan what I am going to do with him in August - for his sanity and for mine.


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