Saturday, June 04, 2005

Blaine Do It!

One of the joys of having a child is watching him grow and learn every day. It's also one of the toughest parts of being a parent. Tough because watching them learn something new also means it's something you no longer have to do for them. And slowly, incrementally, piece by piece, this is how your child becomes independent and then one day they think you are totally uncool and don't want to be seen with you and then *poof* they go to college and get married and out of nowhere you are a grandparent and dammit I'm not ready to be a grandparent yet...oh, wait. I'm getting way ahead of myself. Especially since Blaine is only 2 (well, he will be 3 in just a little over a week). And my oh my how quickly these past 3 years have flown by.

What inspired this? Blaine's latest favorite phrase. "Blaine do it". He wants to do everything by himself now. From pouring milk into his cereal to putting on his sandals, I hear 1 meeeeelllion times a day "Blaine do it". And if I try to argue I get the full indignant statement "Mommy no do it. Blaine do it!". Some things I am ok with, like the aforementioned shoes or cereal (though, I admit to hovering while he pours the milk because he can get a little overzealous). Other things, like putting on an oven mitt and wanting to take the broiler pan with the chicken on it out of the oven, well, that I have to say no to. Oh, and what a horrible Mommy I am when I say no. Awful. Evil. But I held my ground against the tiny tyrant and explained that it could hurt him because it was very hot. I don't think he much cared.

He loves to "cook". Putting his oatmeal bowl in the microwave and pushing the green button makes him happy. Stirring the batter for pancakes makes him feel fantastic. He loves to follow me around and imitate what I do. Then the next day, he just wants to do it all by himself. He loves to put the soap in the dishwasher now and push the buttons to make it start. He thinks it's a blast to get the toilet brush and scrub the toilet (of course I end up mopping up all the water that gets dripped on the floor). I figure a few more days and I can have him making beds and mopping floors - heck, he is already quite accomplished with the Swiffer.

The only thing that I would love, love, love for Blaine to do that he absolutely refuses? To use the potty. I live for the day he tells me he doesn't want a diaper and instead heads to the bathroom saying "Blaine do it".


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