Tuesday, May 03, 2005

How NOT to Pack for a trip to Armenia

1. Don't bring any longsleeve shirts. It's spring. It's warm.
2. Ditto that for a jacket. No jackets. Don't be a sissy.
3. Don't, under any circumstances, bring an umbrella.
4. Make sure you don't pack any of the above for your child either.

Yeah. So Dave and I are idiots. Between the two of us we were not smart enough to bring anything remotely warm. Gee. It's not like Armenia is in a mountainous area where it RAINS all the freaking time. And when it rains there is no sun. And when there is no sun, it's damn cold.

Yesterday it was sunny and warm. Very little rain. It was a great day. Today, it's overcast and grey and raining. Blaine and I headed out of the hotel during a break in the rain for lunch. He wanted "flied lice" from the local Chinese restaurant which is about a mile or so away. I'm wearing a t-shirt and capris. Blaine has on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with 3/4 sleeves (the warmest shirt I packed him). I wasn't expecting the icy blast of air that hit us as soon as I walked out of the hotel lobby. I mean, yesterday it was WARM! Almost HOT! Where the hell did this cold front come from?

We went to the Chinese restaurant anyway. Everyone giving me looks like either I'm crazy for being dressed the way I am or I'm a BAD BAD BAD mother for taking my precious child out in this weather without a jacket.

I was planning on buying him a jacket while we were out (after we ate) but it was too damn cold to go to the children's store and it was starting to rain again. So we hustled back to hotel and now he is watching Russian cartoons (which he totally loves, go figure) and I'm killing time on the computer.

Next time we head to Armenia, I don't care if it is dead in the middle of Summer, I am packing jackets, sweaters and the umbrella I bought on our second day here.


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