Thursday, April 14, 2005

Thomas the Tank Engine - The Steam Train to Satan

Is an evil beast. Really. Seriously. EVIL. We bought Blaine a “Best of Thomas” DVD before we left Florida. We thought a new DVD would really catch his interest on the airplane trip. We got more than we bargained for. He is so enamored of this DVD all I ever hear is “Mommy – watch Thomas Tank?” He doesn’t want to watch Dora or Toy Story or any of the other DVDs we brought with us, only Thomas will do. The only thing in our favor re: the constant loop of Thomas the Tank is that they are narrated by George Carlin. There are some Thomas Tank videos/DVDs that are narrated by Ringo Starr and some that are narrated by one of the Baldwin brothers, but the ones that are narrated by George Carlin are the best, in my opinion. Why is his narration superior? Because in my head I can hear Carlin riffing on the 7 words you can’t say on TV – and that list is pretty much the list of words that run though my head every time I have to put that damn DVD in.


At 4/14/2005 11:42 AM, Blogger tappedfull said...

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At 4/17/2005 10:49 AM, Blogger Regina said...

I know what you mean about George carlin. His voice is captivating I guess. It is the reason reading his books just isn't as good as listening to him or watching him preform.

I hope your son gets over the Thomas kick before you go crazy LOL.


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