Sunday, April 17, 2005

Rockin' the Bazroba

Dave and I decided to check out the Bazroba - the local market place - today. We called our driver (we had to hire a driver because a.)our car will not arrive here until at least June and b.)taxis are very, very, very scary. Trust me on this). Our driver is Roland, a young Georgian man who speaks Georgian, Russian and English. He is fantastic. He took us to the Bazroba and was our guide, translator and bargainer.

The Bazroba is similar to a huge flea market, but, there are a few key differences between American flea markets and the Bazroba.

1. Oh, the humanity. Flea markets in America may be crowded, but not like the Bazroba. It was like every single person in Tbilisi was there. And the crowding was made worse by
2. The aisles. The aisles at the Bazroba are wide enough for one, maybe two, people to walk down. The pushing and shoving of people trying to get by is amazing. The mad press of bodies seems to go by in waves. David ended up holding Blaine because we were afraid of him getting carried away by the crowd.
3. Unlike American fleamarkets, everything in the Bazroba is new. The quality of some items may be questionable, but it is new. We bought a mop, a broom, a toaster, some power strips. We could have bought almost anything under the sun. You name it, someone at the Bazroba sells it.

I took some pictures, I don't know how well they turned out since I was being jostled as I was snapping away. If any of them turned out ok, I will post them.


At 4/17/2005 6:06 PM, Blogger Fred said...


I did not think I would ever say this, but "I MISS YOU!". There I have said it. Do not let it go to your head. Post more, the family are all waiting.


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