Thursday, June 29, 2006

Boxes of joy

Ah, I love getting mail. It didn't use to be such a big deal, back when we lived in the states and everyday the little truck stopped in front of our house and unloaded flyers, bills and assorted catalogs interspersed with a few interesting things. But here? Mail is the bomb diggity, baby. I always get a little tingle when I go to pick up mail and see the little yellow card in my mailbox that means there is a box waiting for me. I shiver with anticipation while waiting for them to retrieve my box, or even better, boxes, because I know that no matter what is actually contained inside, I'm gonna like it.

We have had a bonanza of boxes these past two weeks. Packages for Blaine, mostly, for his birthday. I can't express to you how much it means to me that our friends and family back in the states take the time to shop, box, fill out customs forms and mail my little guy presents (and the girly got some nifty stuff tucked into most of the boxes as well.)

Now that we have an APO mailing address, I am trying to return the favor and ship stuff out from Georgia back to the states. I have been shopping at the little art markets, the wooden toy store (where the guy carves and paints everything by hand) and the bazroba, looking for little gifts to box up and send back as a thank yous to everyone who takes the time to send us things.

Just last night we opened a big box from my friend Donna. In it were great Spiderman gifts for Blaine, an adorable 4th of July outfit for Kyra, as well as other great stuff - including a fairly recent People magazine. I read the People magazine from cover to cover before bedtime - trashy gossip is in such short supply here. I will be passing along the People magazine - that's what we do here. We share the trashy gossip -even if it is weeks, months or years out of date (like the GQ with George Clooney on the cover that I just read that was about 2 years old).

So to you all, a hearty thank you. Georgia is much nicer with a side of Angelina and Brad and baby Shiloh.


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