Thursday, April 19, 2007

Kyra, the spider monkey

Don't let the sweet face fool you. Kyra's new nickname is Princessa Hooliganka, which, roughly translated from Russian means Princess troublemaker. She is a sweet, lovely child, but she is a climber. Blaine was not. Don't get me wrong, Blaine kept me on my toes - he was a full-speed ahead BOY from the moment he could move. I spent many, many hours chasing him from one place to another. But he did not climb. He did not seek out things to get into. He never looked for that next desk, table, or stair to conquer. Thank goodness, because he was not a careful boy. He was always going at top speed, so whenever he took a spill, it was usually accompanied by injury. He had road rash on his face more times than I can count, and that was all from falls on a even surface. I can't imagine what kind of damage he would have done to himself if he had been into scaling things.

Kyra is completely different. She is careful. Very, very careful. She watches where to step. She finds a good strong hand holds. She rarely falls when she walks and can easily navigate short series of steps by herself with no problem. So, she has decided to take it up a notch:

As you can see, she is quite pleased with the results. Me, not so much. Princessa Hooliganka.


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