Monday, March 19, 2007

Oh, Georgia, how I love thee

Georgia. You just can't make this stuff up.

So Georgia has FINALLY finished construction on the new airport. The much talked about airport. The airport that was supposed to open last November. Then December. Then early February. Well. They did open it. And a few days later? The roof started leaking. The official response? Well, we couldn't test the roof to see if it was water-tight because we built it during a dry spell. Then, a few days later, a huge wind storm came through and blew off part of the roof. Ah, Georgia. One step forward and two steps back.

David had to fly to Germany a few weeks ago. He sends me a text message "Wow! I'm flying out of the new airport!" An hour or so later I get another message "Will email you later about flying out of new airport". Turns out that he checked in at the new airport. Waited for his flight at the new airport. But when it came time to board his flight, he didn't get to walk down one of the new fancy jetways (the airport has 4, count 'em folks, 4 whole jetways!). Nope. Instead, David got put on a bus and carted over to the old airport where he climbed the steps to the plane, just like it has always been done. When he came back a week later, they landed at the old airport and then bussed him over to the new airport to pick up his bags. It took a while for the bags to make it over. Really, you have to love Georgia. You have to.

But the best, most hysterically, typically Georgian thing that we have experienced this past month has to be the birthday party. Blaine was invited to a classmate's 5th birthday party, which was held at a local children's entertainment place called Bao Babi. Bao Babi (I might have mentioned this place before, but I'm much too lazy to search right now) is like Chuck E. Cheese, it has a large indoor play area, video games, and they host parties. No big rat, but they have these (I'm guessing here) Aztec warriors called Bao Babi that come to the party. You can also hire Spiderman, Batman, a clown etc. to come and entertain.

Well, this party really topped all others. The mom hired the clown. And with the clown came a Genie. Or a Sultan. I'm not really sure what he was supposed to be. He was a bubble blower. Yes. A bubble blower. He had a bubble machine cobbled together out of old fans and frayed wires. I actually asked one of the other parents there if he thought they were in the middle of repairing the air conditioning or if he thought that the fans were going to be part of the entertainment. His response was along the lines of "this is Georgia...I'm banking on that being part of the entertainment".

But wait, it gets better. The highlight of the bubble-blowing genie/sultan's act was not the big fan blowing hundreds of bubbles here and there. NO. NO. NO. Remember, this is Georgia. The highlight of the act was when the clown came over and lit a cigarette for the genie/sultan. And then? And then he smoked and blew huge smoke bubbles! Bubbles filled with cancer! Fun for kids of all ages to pop and play with!

Don't believe me? I have pictures. And video. Oh yes I do.

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