Saturday, February 10, 2007

Back from vacation

But it wasn't much of a vacation. It's hard to relax and unwind when you are spending all of your time running from place to place, from family to family, trying to pack as much "visiting" in as you go along the way. We did take a few days for ourselves and went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure with the kiddos. Kyra didn't get a whole lot out of it but Blaine? Oh, how he loved it. It was the best time of year to go - no lines, no waiting, it was like we had the parks to ourselves. Blaine rode the SpiderMan ride 4 times and pretty much every other ride at least twice. He was quite bummed because he is still too small for the big roller coasters like The Hulk and Deuling Dragons (he gets the roller coaster thrill gene from his father because his mother does not do rides that drop her from great heights or turn her upside down). Hopefully next time we go he will be the required 48 inches and he and his father can ride to their hearts content while Kyra and I ride the more sedate things like One Fish Two Fish (which still gets my adrenaline pumping because, hey, it goes up in the air pretty high. I don't care that it only goes 2 miles an hour - I'm still in the air. And there is water shooting at me from the sides. And the song - it stays in your head forever.)

While we were in the states, a few cool things happened. First, Kyra turned 1 year old. We celebrated in style with 3 parties for her. One at my mom and dad's house, one in the hotel we were staying in on her actual birthday, and the last time at David's parent's house. She had quite the cake sugar high. Blaine thought it was cool too. He loves cake. Doesn't need a reason.

Kyra also decided it was time to let go and walk without assistance from the couch, table, chair or whatever else she could get her chubby little hands on. She walks like a little drunk man, it's hysterical to watch, but she gets a little better every day.

Now we are back in Georgia, trying to recover from the worst jet lag EVER. Kyra and Blaine got all whacked out of schedule and it has been quite hard to get them back to their great sleeping patterns. Doesn't help that Kyra is also teething. Ugh. And Blaine got a stomach bug they day after we came back. Wheeee. We already had a ton of vacation laundry to do and we added a ton of towels, clothes and bed sheets that acted as vomit catchers. Fun fun fun. He's better now and back to school. Hopefully by next week we will all be back on schedule.


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