Friday, June 10, 2005


If you could see me, you would see that I am doing a happy dance. Why am I so happy? WE HAVE STUFF! Stuff we have not seen in a year. Stuff I had forgotten about. Lovely, lovely STUFF.

Almost 1 year ago we sold our house in Florida and began our adventure. We closed on the house on the 25th of June, but did not need to be in D.C. until September. So what were we to do? We packed up the majority of our stuff and put it in storage. We rented a furnished condo on the beach and enjoyed our last few weeks in the sun.

When it came time to move, the moving company came and packed up our stuff out of the storage facility where it had resided for 2 months. We kept a small portion of our stuff to take with us in the car; clothes, a few books for the child, toys. A bigger portion of our stuff was placed in air freight containers that would arrive in D.C. and be delivered to our "home" there. But the biggest portion of our stuff went into another storage facility, not to be seen again until we were posted overseas.

Well, it arrived. As the movers were unpacking the large sea crates, I kept squealing like a little girl. "Ooooh, I had forgotten about that!" or "Ooooooh, wait until Blaine sees this!". I'm pretty sure the nice Georgian men who were working their butts off unpacking all of our stuff wished I would shut up. But I couldn't help it. I was giddy about my stuff. Giddy I tell you!

I have my Kitchen Aid Mixer. I have Blaine's toy box. I have so many towels (we had been rotating 4 towels - 2 green and 2 white). I have clothes that I had forgotten I owned. I have my stuff back. My Georgian house is beginning to feel like home and that makes me happy.


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