Sunday, June 26, 2005

Three Year Olds

Are great. I know. I have one.

Latest phrases (and, no, I don't know where some of these come from):
After picking up the digital camera and pointing it at Dave "Hey, Daddy! It's SHOWTIME!"
Seeing his new swingset (still in the box) "Daddy, get tools - put it together!"
Walking outside and seeing his swingset all put together "Oh my goodness! What's going on here?!?"
One of my favorites "You wait here mommy, I'll be RIGHT BACK"

Other fun things that he does (please note sarcasm):
-Wipes his hands in his hair. Even if he has a napkin or two. The hair is far superior when it comes to wiping off ketchup, pudding, etc.
-Making what I call the "blowfish" face when he takes a particularly large drink of milk, juice or water. And when I tell him to "swallow" he laughs. Which then makes the milk etc. spill down his face and onto his shirt. Which then means we have to change the shirt RIGHT NOW. NOW. I MEAN NOW. Because having a wet shirt (or shorts) is akin to having a hot poker rammed up your nose (or at least that's the way he freaks out about it - you would think that the milk had turned to acid).

He can also ride his bike now - thanks to some help from dad, he has figured out the whole concept of using the pedals and no longer pushes his bike along like Fred Flintstone. He's also fond of jumping. Off of steps, his bed, any ledge he can certainly keeps us on our toes.

Three year olds are great. Except for the potty training thing. But we're working on that (so quit asking mom, OK?)


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