Saturday, December 03, 2005

Long-Overdue Update

Did you think we didn't make it?

We did. And let me tell you, if you EVER have to travel for 24 hours with a hive-covered 3.5 year old while 7 months pregnant, well, you should travel with my son. He is the coolest of the cool. The world's best traveling companion, bar none. 3 airplane rides, 4 airports, 2 layovers and nary a complaint or a whine. I fell in love with him all over again. He really just amazes me with his adaptability and his maturity (at times).

Blaine still had hives when we boarded the first plane in Tbilisi, but by the time we were getting ready to land in London, they seemed to be clearing up. Then, right before we boarded in London for the flight to JFK, he had another flare up. People were looking at me like I was bringing a live chicken with the avian flu on board. I had my handy-dandy doctor's note at the ready, but no one asked me for it. I doped him up with more antihistamine once we got on the plane and within an half an hour of being airborne, he was out cold. The hives receded once again, due to the antihistamine, and by the time we got on the plane in New York, he was almost completely clear. We haven't had another outbreak (knock wood) but I did take him to our American pediatrician to get his opinion on the Monday after we arrived.

I'm doing fine. Just hit 33 weeks pregnant today. Getting LARGE. But, that's to be expected. I failed my 1 hour glucose test again (I was repeating it because we thought there might have been a screw up at the Georgian lab). So, I go on Monday to do the 3 hour glucose challenge test. YAY. My mother-in-law is coming over from Sarasota to watch Blaine for me. I don't think he would enjoy hanging out at the doc's office for 3 hours. Keep your fingers crossed that I pass the 3 hour.

I'm still not in our apartment yet. So far, since landing in the states, we have moved 4 times. First stop was at a hotel, then after we did all our doc appt's (mine and his) we moved on to my mother-in-laws house for a few days. After staying with her, we moved into my parent's home for a little over a week, and now we are in another hotel. Our apartment was supposed to be ready on the 1st, but due to the hurricanes everything in South Florida is delayed or damaged it seems, and the apartment won't be ready until the 6th. Once I move into the apartment though, I'm unpacking and I'm not going ANYWHERE besides the hospital to give birth. I've already told both families (mine and hubby's) that if they want to see us, they can just drive on over. We are about 4 hours from Dave's family and about 1.5 hours from my family. I don't plan on packing my suitcases again until it's time to get on an airplane and head back to Georgia.

So that's the news for now. Hopefully I will be able to update more often once I get settled in the apartment.


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