Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Things to do...

You know, you expect your life to become a bit more complicated when you add another child, but you don't really realize JUST how complicated until the second child is a reality. Now that Kyra is a living, breathing, eating, crying, peeing, pooping reality I am slowly beginning to understand that having just one child - even a high-energy 3.5 year old boy - was so darn easy. I'm very lucky that Dave is here for 3 weeks - he can take Blaine and do the grocery shopping, errands etc. while I stay home with Kyra. But once he leaves and heads back to Georgia, I will have at least 3 more weeks of solo parenting of 2 kids before I rejoin Dave in Tbilisi.

So, I'm currently trying to make lists of things I want to do before Dave leaves. I need to do some shopping for clothes for the kids and for myself. Clothing in Tbilisi is expensive so it's better (and lots cheaper if you hit a really good sale - such as the 98 cent onsies I snagged at Old Navy the other day) to do it in the states and then ship to Georgia. I need to start packing stuff up that we have accumulated and ship it back to Georgia. I need to find and purchase a train table for Blaine for his birthday in June. Then I need to pray that I can convince the movers that a train table is a "consumable" and have them include it in my consumable shipment - ditto for the exersaucer I want to purchase for Kyra. Not to mention all of the consumables I need to buy. Dave and I have a trip to Costco in our future. I have to think about how many boxes of diapers I am going to need and in what sizes. How do I judge how quickly Kyra is going to grow? Currently she is still in newborn, but I'm getting ready to switch her to size 1 because of her chunky thighs. I need new shoes. I need, I need, I need. But it's hard to shop with an infant - she's only 8 days old for goodness sakes. My body is not back in any sort of shape for clothes shopping. I can't leave Kyra behind and go hit the stores solo because I am nursing her and if I'm not around, she can't eat. Which would be bad.

But even with all of this, I can't imagine a better, more incredible, more wonderful thing than my family. I have a fabulous husband, an adorable, smart, funny, and loving son and a tiny, sweet baby girl. I am the luckiest woman in the world.

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