Monday, July 03, 2006

Where are we going? Croc-Oh-Dile Lake!

Or so says Blaine, who has obviously watched way too much Dora the Explorer. In reality, we went to Turtle Lake on Sunday for the annual AMCHAM/Embassy Fourth of July Celebration. Surprisingly, it turned out to be a nice cool evening and it made the celebration more enjoyable since we weren't battling stifling heat and bugs.

We went to the same celebration last year but the big difference was that last year this time I was in the early stages of pregnancy and was exhausted and sick most of the time. This year I was able to relax and eat and drink and generally be merry the whole evening.

Even though it was cool, that did not stop Blaine from taking a dip in the lake - as a matter of fact, I had to force him to get out even though his teeth were chattering as he said "I'mmmm nnnoootttt coooooold". After his swim and a bite to eat, he played on the playground, going down the "twisty" slide about 400 times. Kyra had her first taste of watermelon and quite enjoyed it and after a while she fell asleep snuggled up against me in the sling. She woke in time to enjoy the fireworks. I thought she might be afraid of the explosions, but she was fascinated by the light show. Blaine loved the fireworks - all night long he kept asking when the fireworks were going to start and I kept telling him "after it gets dark".

All in all, we had a lovely 4th of July (even though it was only the 2nd of July). We hope you all have a lovely 4th as well.


At 7/06/2006 8:34 AM, Blogger Andrew said...

Hello, Jennifer. I lived in Tbilisi from 1997-2000 and loved the country and its people(s). Today I live in Belgium and came across this blog by chance when I was googling for something about Georgian food - I think your Batonebi post came up.

I like the blog a lot - there's a shortage of good writing about Georgia, and for me you capture things really well.

When I was in Georgia I helped set up the magazine Tbilisi Pastimes, which was great fun at the time. It never mae any money but it made lots of friends. Maybe there are some back issues knocking around the US Embassy - quite a few people there used to subscribe.

All the best from Andrew


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