Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Giving thanks, Georgian style

First, I hope you all had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. We had a great celebration here in Georgia, and the planning and preparation for the holiday really brought home what we have to be thankful for. So, in no particular order:
I'm thankful that the Commissary worked overtime to find turkeys for us. Granted, they had to send 2 people to Armenia with a truck to haul back frozen turkeys, but they did it. And then I got to stand in a line in the parking lot to get my turkey as soon as the truck arrived. The Commissary didn't have storage room for all the turkeys that were purchased, so if you wanted one, you had to be there to get it as soon as the truck arrived. I commented to the man standing in the line next to me, as we huddled together in the cold and the rain, waiting for them to open the back of the truck and start handing out turkeys, that we were getting the full "Russian" experience.
I'm thankful that my husband had to go to Moldova the week before Thanksgiving. The good part of his trip to Moldova was the return, as he passed through Turkey (the country, not the bird). He spent the night in Turkey, visiting with some friends who were on holiday there and introducing them to our extended Turkish "family". I asked David to find out from our Turkish family if it was true that you could get actual celery in Istanbul, as it cannot be acquired in Georgia. The answer was "Of course!" and then Adam (David's "avi" or brother) sent one of his employees to the market for celery for us. 4 Kilos of celery.
I'm thankful that my mother was able to email me her "approximate" recipe for the corn bread dressing - it just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the corn bread dressing. I skipped the giblet gravy though. I love you mom, but giblet gravy is gross.
I'm thankful for our friends, Ella, Bill, Anna, Carla, Wally, Castillo, Rachel, John, Colin, Hazira and Scott (plus all the assorted children) who came to celebrate with us. If you can't be with your true family on Thanksgiving, it's great to be able to spend the day with your good friends.
I'm thankful for the leftovers. Isn't everyone? That's the best part of Thanksgiving. Turkey for weeks! Turkey noodle soup! Turkey sandwiches! Turkey pot pies!
Happy holidays to you all!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Band-Aids and Old MacDonald, with a little Santa Claus on the side

Sometimes I think the only reasons I make it through a tough week or day are my kids. I had a really bad week last week with Kyra. Very sick. How sick? Sick enough that I braved a Georgian ER at 12:30 AM. Dave was out of town (naturally) and, thank the gods for my friends Carla and Ella, I was able to take her in. Long story short, it took 2 more days to get a decent diagnosis, get her on medication, and get her on the road to recovery. Through it all, when I thought I was going to lose my mind from lack of sleep or stress, something would happen - something Blaine would say or do - that would make me laugh, relax, and appreciate the fact that even when it's bad? It's really good. Really, really good.

So, without further ado, the latest "Blaine-isms" that have had me cracking up.

Blaine: Mom, I want to watch Band-Aid
Me: HUH?
Blaine: You know, the movie. Band-Aid.
Me: I don't know that movie. Can you tell me what happens?
Blaine: Mooooooom (insert eye roll here) you know what movie. Band-Aid. In the forest. With the deer and skunk.
Me: Oh. Bambi
Blaine: That's what I said. Band-Aid.

Another gem, from when we were visiting our friend's house:

Blaine: I'm all done eating now.
Me: Please say "excuse me" then go give your plate to Castillo. Oh, and tell Castillo "obrigado".
Blaine: Why?
Me: Obrigado means thank you in Portuguese. Castillo speaks Portuguese.
Blaine: Ok. Hey Castillo, OLD MACDONALD!

And last, but not least, Blaine is all about Christmas. He knows it's coming. He's trying to be good. But sometimes? He has issues. Like the 2 days in a row at school that he had 2 time outs. The second day I pick him up and we have the following conversation:

Me: So, 2 time outs again today, huh.
Blaine: Yeah. I wasn't listening and wasn't behaving
Me: So, do you think I should call Santa? You know he keeps track of all the good things and the bad things. I always call him when you are good. So do you think I should call him and talk to him about the time outs?
Blaine: Hmmm. No. Don't call Santa. He's very busy.

How can you not smile when you have a kid like Blaine? I think it would be impossible.