Monday, February 26, 2007

Love and Loss

Yesterday my grandma died. She was, and will remain, one of the coolest people I have ever had the grace of knowing. And I'm not saying this just because she was my grandmother, but because she was. I could give you a million examples of just how incredible she was, but I don't know if I can find the words. She was, in no particular order, stubborn, loving, contrary, devout, funny, talented, opinionated, accepting, strong, moral, and the best damn cook.

She taught me many things about life, about living, about how to be, or how to try to be, a good person. I don't think she ever realized that she was teaching me these things, but she led by example. She had 4 children, her oldest is my mother and her only daughter. My mother and my grandmother remained close their entire lives, even when miles separated them. My grandmother taught my mother how to be a parent, a damn good one, and in turn, my mother taught me. I can only hope to do as well by my children as she did by hers. I can only hope to have the relationship with my children that she had with hers. I can only hope to have the respect that she had up to the end.

My brother and I used to love going to spend summers with my grandmother and grandfather. Fred and I loved traipsing off into the woods with her, looking for a freshwater spring so we could have the best water to make sun tea. We hated going to the fields to hoe, weed and plant the fruits and vegetables they grew, but we loved to eat the finished product. I loved watching her cook. A pinch of this, a cup of that, she had it down to a science and didn't need any recipes, yet she had recipes by the hundreds, if not thousands. Written down on the back of notecards, scraps of paper, cut from newspapers and magazines and held together with rubber bands, stuffed in every drawer in her house. I remember joking with her that when she was gone, I wanted her recipe collection.
The tradition of vacations in Alabama continued even when I was in college. When other classmates were taking off for booze and beaches, I booked a plane ticket to Alabama to spend my spring break hangin' with the grandparents. There was no place I would have rather gone. I could just sit and talk with her for hours (and many times did). If my mom and dad were there when I visited, my mom, grandma and I would sit up talking until one of us started to fall asleep sitting up (usually me) and then we would call it a night.
Up until the last year or so of her life, my grandmother remembered dates and names like no one else I have ever met. She knew everyone's birthday, who they married, who their children were, what their birthdays were, when they died, how they died. She was like a walking census for her corner of the world. She kept detailed journals. Some days she wrote nothing except who came to visit or called her and what the weather was like, but other times she wrote detailed entries about her life and what was happening. On the inside cover of each journal (front and back) she would write down every time someone she knew died. She lived so long that she was running out of people she knew.

When grandma was in her late 70s or early 80s (obviously I'm not as good at dates as she was) she changed her name. She had never had a birth certificate, so she went to get one. When she filled out the paperwork for her birth certificate, she changed her name. She made the name she had gone by her whole life (either Lorene or Lorraine, depending on who you ask and how they pronounce it) her middle name, and created a whole new first name for herself. Gelia. From that day on, I called her Gelia. I think I'm the only one. She used to joke that she always knew when I mailed her a letter without looking at the return address because I'm the only one who addressed envelopes to Gelia.

God, there is so much more I could say about this woman. About how important she was to me, about how much I loved her. About how incredibly sad I am. About how much I want to be there with my mom as she buries her mom. But I'm here. And I can't go. There is no way to get there from here in time. So I send my love and thoughts to all of my family gathered in Alabama who are paying their respects to my grandmother. To one of the coolest women I have ever known.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Oh, those words will come back and bite you in the ass

Oh, how silly I am. In my last post on this blog, I typed the fateful words "Hopefully by next week we will all be back on schedule." How could I have been so stupid? That was like inviting trouble.

Saturday morning Blaine woke up with a mild fever. A little Motrin and he was fine for the rest of the day. Until bedtime that is, when the fever came back and gave us all a little reality check. Then, in the middle of the night, so technically Sunday, Kyra woke with a fever. Monday, Dave got the fever. So far I've been the only one spared the fever/runny nose/cough/general miserableness that has hit my house this week.

Blaine's fever finally broke on Wednesday, Kyra's on Thursday, and we are hoping Dave will take a turn for the better today. But they all have rivers of goo from the nose, they cough like barking seals and, generally feel like crap.

Even though I'm the "healthy" one in this scenario, I'm exhausted. The kids are whiney and very clingy (especially Dave - kidding!). This has proven to me something I already knew - that I am not cut out to be a nurse. After day 3 of the house of misery and sick, I was DONE. I dream of running away, to a place where everyone is happy and healthy and there are no noses to wipe, no fevers to medicate and no children who lie on the floor and cry outrageously because "I DON'T FEEL GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD". Sometimes I feel like lying down beside Blaine when he starts falling apart and crying with him, but that's not really in the job description of "mom". So, I pick him up, snuggle his feverish body against mine and tell him "it's ok".

Hopefully (knocking wood furiously here) next week will be better. Hopefully these words won't bite me in the ass like last week's did.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Back from vacation

But it wasn't much of a vacation. It's hard to relax and unwind when you are spending all of your time running from place to place, from family to family, trying to pack as much "visiting" in as you go along the way. We did take a few days for ourselves and went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure with the kiddos. Kyra didn't get a whole lot out of it but Blaine? Oh, how he loved it. It was the best time of year to go - no lines, no waiting, it was like we had the parks to ourselves. Blaine rode the SpiderMan ride 4 times and pretty much every other ride at least twice. He was quite bummed because he is still too small for the big roller coasters like The Hulk and Deuling Dragons (he gets the roller coaster thrill gene from his father because his mother does not do rides that drop her from great heights or turn her upside down). Hopefully next time we go he will be the required 48 inches and he and his father can ride to their hearts content while Kyra and I ride the more sedate things like One Fish Two Fish (which still gets my adrenaline pumping because, hey, it goes up in the air pretty high. I don't care that it only goes 2 miles an hour - I'm still in the air. And there is water shooting at me from the sides. And the song - it stays in your head forever.)

While we were in the states, a few cool things happened. First, Kyra turned 1 year old. We celebrated in style with 3 parties for her. One at my mom and dad's house, one in the hotel we were staying in on her actual birthday, and the last time at David's parent's house. She had quite the cake sugar high. Blaine thought it was cool too. He loves cake. Doesn't need a reason.

Kyra also decided it was time to let go and walk without assistance from the couch, table, chair or whatever else she could get her chubby little hands on. She walks like a little drunk man, it's hysterical to watch, but she gets a little better every day.

Now we are back in Georgia, trying to recover from the worst jet lag EVER. Kyra and Blaine got all whacked out of schedule and it has been quite hard to get them back to their great sleeping patterns. Doesn't help that Kyra is also teething. Ugh. And Blaine got a stomach bug they day after we came back. Wheeee. We already had a ton of vacation laundry to do and we added a ton of towels, clothes and bed sheets that acted as vomit catchers. Fun fun fun. He's better now and back to school. Hopefully by next week we will all be back on schedule.